BSL Slimline 15.3kWh LiFePO4 Battery 51V 300Ah

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BSL Slimline 15.3kWh LiFePO4 Battery 51V 300Ah


The LFP 51.2V 135Ah Energy Storage Systems are a family of 51.2V battery module s and accessories. The 51.2V family is designed as a drop-in replacement for similar sized lead-acid batteries offering twice the run-time and nearly half the weight. The 51.2V series is designed for lower voltage, lower power and longer run-time applications. They are built with LFP Technology that offers outstanding intrinsic safety and excellent float and cycle life resulting in low cost of ownership.

Key Features:

  • Currently the safest lithium technology
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery(LiFePO4)
  • Excellent resistance to abuse
  • Less than 3% self discharging
  • Eco-friendly
  • Battery monitoring storage history
  • Up to 60% weight saving
  • Built in safety protection
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Quality guaranteed
  • 15-18 Years Designed service life
  • Maintenance-free, modular, and lightweight
  • 150A DC breaker–on/off switch
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BSL Slimline 15.3kWh LiFePO4 Battery 51V 300Ah