REVOV Battery R100 5.1kWh 2LiFE Battery (Built in BMS)


REVOV Battery R100 5.1kWh 2LiFE Battery (Built in BMS)
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The REVOV LiFePO4 CAN bus enabled R100 is an energy storage Lithium Iron Phosphate battery using a superior 16 automotive grade cell configuration, designed to withstand harsher conditions, extreme temperatures and with a higher energy density. A lithium iron battery has a service life span of 15 to 25years,depending on how it is used. A REVOV 2nd LiFe battery spends its first life powering 1800 cycles in electrical vehicles (EV). It’s 2nd LiFe is perfect for static energy storage solutions, at a greatly reduced cost compared to First LiFe batteries. REVOV 2nd LiFe batteries are environmentally responsible, reducing electronic waste and repurposing important materials. With a 5kWh capacity, you can start your DC backup system with one battery and then grow according to your usage requirements. Applicable with solar, wind or hybrid storage.


  • Automotive Grade Cells – 16 cell configuration.
  • Integrated CANbus and RS485BMS.
  • LCD display shows battery information such as state of charge configuration.
  • Pre-configured with optimal parameters.
  • Warranted for daily cycling.
  • Compatible with leading inverter brands.
  • Built-in protection-Over-discharge/ over-charge protection, temperature protection, short circuit protection.


REVOV Batteries (PTY) LTD: 10 years or 3500 cycles at 1 cycle per day.

DOD When used properly every day the R100 can be safely discharged to100%of its rated 100Ah capacity. Battery life is shortened if it is discharged beyond its rated Ah capacity.

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REVOV Battery R100 5.1kWh 2LiFE Battery (Built in BMS)


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