SUNSYNK 50kW 48V HV Inverter Three Phase (Wifi Dongle)

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SUNSYNK 50kW 48V HV Inverter Three Phase (Wifi Dongle)

SUNSYNK HIGH VOLTAGE – Elevate Your Energy Management with the Sunsynk 50kW High Voltage Hybrid Inverter

Presenting the Sunsynk 50kW Three-Stage High Voltage Hybrid Inverter, the apex of business grade power the board. This extraordinary inverter engages organizations to proficiently control energy stream from various sources, including sunlight based chargers, the super electrical matrix, and generators. Whether you try to decrease energy costs, improve supportability, or guarantee dependable power for your endeavor, Sunsynk offers a large group of earth shattering highlights to meet your exceptional necessities.

Key Features: 

  • Four MPPT Trackers: Sunsynk’s advanced technology includes four Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) trackers. This innovation allows for flexible PV array configurations, optimizing your solar power generation.
  • DC Oversizing: Sunsynk High Voltage goes above and beyond by allowing DC oversizing of up to 30% more than the rated AC power. This capacity enhances your energy production potential, ensuring you harness as much power as possible.
  • Battery-Optional Operation: Businesses have the flexibility to operate the unit without batteries, using only solar (PV) and grid power. This feature offers cost-effective power management and energy savings.
  • Remote Monitoring: Sunsynk High voltage comes standard with Wi-Fi remote monitoring support, allowing you to keep a close eye on your energy system’s performance and efficiency from anywhere.
  • Type II DC/AC SPD: Sunsynk prioritizes safety with Type II DC/AC Surge Protective Devices (SPD) as standard. Protect your inverter and electrical system from damaging power surges.
  • Built-in Protection: Enjoy peace of mind with overload, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection as standard. Sunsynk safeguards your investment and ensures reliable operation.
Sunsynk High Voltage Specs:
Rated Power: 50,000 W
Min PPT Voltage: 150 V
Max PPT Voltage: 850 V
DC Startup Voltage: 180 V
DC Shutdown Voltage: 150 V
Max Input Voltage: 1,000 V
Max DC Power: 65,000 W
Max AC Power (5 Minutes): 55,


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SUNSYNK 50kW 48V HV Inverter Three Phase (Wifi Dongle)